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Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard Service for a Hotel

Hotels are a hot target for people looking to do malicious things. Bigger hotels can house hundreds of people entering and exiting the building all throughout the day, making it easy for bad elements to blend in with guests and access the premises. Hotel guests are usually unfamiliar with their surroundings, so they are less likely to notice if something is out of place. Also, tourists usually go away to relax, so they tend to have a state of mind that is more vulnerable to crime. This is why you should hire a security guard for your hotel.

  • Give sense of security. If hotel guests see security officers in the property, they are given a greater sense of security. They can enjoy and relax knowing that there are trained professionals that can handle any negative situations. This can increase guest satisfaction and even encourage repeat visits.
  • Protect guest property. There are people who travel with expensive devices like smartphones and cameras, making them an attractive target for criminals. Visible security presence minimizes pickpocketing in high traffic areas of the building, like in the lobby, pool or bar.
  • Monitor entrances and exits. A security guard stationed at every entrance of the hotel to monitor the people who go in and out of the building can scare away those who do not belong to the property. They serve as an important first line of defense against vandalism and crime.
  • Protect staff. Hotel staff might sometimes need protection from unruly guests. Disputes can arise at the front desk over billing, access to keys, and other matters. Also, staff members who handle cash may be targeted by criminals. A trained guard will make the staff feel more at ease as they perform their duties.
  • Prevent property damage. Hotel guards can prevent guests and visitors from vandalizing property and assist staff in handling situations involving guests damaging their hotel rooms. This is particularly helpful in hotels with public event facilities like conference rooms and reception halls.
  • Prevent crimes in isolated areas. Although hotels are designed to operate around the clock, there are areas of the property that can be more vulnerable at nighttime. Trained officers can patrol garages, parking lots and other isolated areas to accompany staff and guests and to deter crime.
  • Handle disorderly conduct. There are times when hotel guests become unruly; they might be fighting with another guest or have had too much to drink. These situations can escalate very quickly. Trained security guards can diffuse the situation and escort guests off the property or to their rooms as necessary.
  • Respond to emergencies. Hotel security guards are trained to respond to various emergency situations that may happen in the hotel grounds. These professionals can respond to situations like fire and shootings. They can minimize damage, render first aid to victims and even detain the perpetrator.
  • Monitor surveillance equipment. Hotels usually have surveillance equipment to monitor the premises, deter crime and give added security. Security personnel are trained to monitor and operate such equipment, allowing them to immediately respond to negative events as they happen.
  • Give guidance and training. Security guards can train hotel staff on the best practices of handling money and keys, and in dealing with unruly guests. They can also give guidance in handling emergencies, and preparing to evacuations in incidents like fires and terrorist attacks.

If you are thinking of hiring a security guard service for your hotel, look for a reputable company that has a good track record of giving good security service. Go with a company that can offer tailed security solutions for your hotel, taking into consideration the size, location, and amenities of your property.

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