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Retail Security

Keep a watchful eye on your stocks, staff and customers with our retail security solutions. Acting like a super-efficient human CCTV camera, our trained professionals will prevent any damage or theft in your store or business.
Hire Security Guards in Melbourne
Risk Management Security Guards

Risk Management

By identifying, analyzing and evaluating threats, we can determine the most effective methods, strategies and countermeasures to employ. We also perform comprehensive audits, surveys, and interviews with key management.

Mobile Patrols

Aside from giving visible deterrent services, we will also check premises for any signs of intrusion to discover vandalism and prevent property loss. The strong profile of our security patrols coupled with well-equipped vehicles, we assure a strong deterrent effect.
Mobile Patrol Security Officers
Trusted Security Guards for Risks


Our concierge security services cover operations of concierge, front desk and doorman services in corporate, commercial, retail and residential settings. We offer you an inimitable service that creates luxury and peace of mind.


We offer our services in many market sectors and industries using the newest equipment and best practices.