Mobile Security Patrols

What is Mobile Security Patrols?

Ensuring that their business buildings are secure when unoccupied is a huge concern for businesses, especially when there is expensive equipment in them. Along with asset loss, criminal damage and burglary can also lead to downtime, which has its own cost. Thus, it is crucial to take steps to reduce these kinds of risks. Using alarm systems and similar security measures might not be enough to stop criminals. Combining it with the presence of a uniformed security officer on-site just might make it very effective. Mobile patrol security guards offer a cost-effective solution, compared to the costs of hiring guards to stay on-site for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What is Mobile Security Patrols?

A mobile security patrol involves a security officer visiting premises the agreed number of times and checking for issues with which they will deal immediately. These professionals can also check on buildings to make sure that they are secure and no doors or windows are left unlocked. They will be on the lookout for and report problems related to maintenance, which can greatly help alert businesses to issues that are potentially damaging when not acted on immediately.

With visible, uniformed officers on patrol, aside from deterring troublemakers and criminals, they can also limit any chances for burglary, break-ins, or destruction of property. Along with criminal damage and theft, mobile security patrols can significantly reduce the likelihood of people trespassing or attempting to take up residence on your business grounds.

How do Mobile Patrols Work?

Once you find a good security company to work with, you will then agree with the terms of the contract and outline the finer details of the particular job the patrols will involve. Security officers will then agree on the visits throughout the night or during long periods of closure. Each of these patrols is carried out randomly to prevent any obvious pattern. The frequency of these visits will be agreed upon and stipulated in the contract but can be anything from three to six patrols per night.

Depending on the assignment instructions, the patrols can be purely external, so they are conducted on the property grounds excluding the inside of the building. In these cases, the officer will check the outside areas, look out for left our stock, open windows, and doors, and lights left on. They will also watch out for suspicious activity, or vehicles or people close by. You can also have the officers hold keys to the premises so they can enter the building and do internal checks.

What Happens if there is a Problem?

Issues like open doors or windows, or lights left on are instantly rectified with a full report sent to you. This way, you can address these concerns with your employees and have clear evidence on hand when needed. If any urgent or serious issues were detected by the mobile security patrols, they will immediately address the situation and communicate this with you or the facilities manager, along with the emergency services when necessary.

If the security officer happens to disturb a criminal in the act, these professionals are well trained in conflict resolution. When they spot that a break-in has happened, they are also fully trained in crime scene management, so any evidence is properly preserved for the police to investigate on.

A mobile patrol service offers a great alternative to hire security guards for your business or establishment. Aside from protecting your employees and property, these skilled professionals can also help cut down costs while giving a visible safety presence. When choosing a patrol service, go with a security company that promotes extensive personnel training while striving to satisfy the needs and goals of their clients.

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