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Techniques for Increasing Hotel Security in Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotel owners know that managing the security of their buildings is a big task. A large number of guests and visitors come in and out of the hotels constantly, sometimes making it hard for staff to know who is supposed to be there, and who is only there to stir up trouble. With the volume and predictability of hotel visitors, it can easily be a target for crimes like vandalism, violence, and theft.

As some are deemed responsible for the welfare of your employees and guests, it is important that you take precautions to reduce the chances of any security threat on your hotel property. There are many steps for hotel owners to take to stay ahead of today’s crimes, like hiring professional security services to monitor the premises. Here are some tips to help avoid security issues in your luxury hotel.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

The cornerstone of any successful business is exceptional customer service. It can also be the foundation of a foolproof security plan. Hotel staff should engage the guests from check-in until check-out. If they take time to get to know the guests, it is easier for them to identify if an individual seems out of place.

Get a Thorough Risk Assessment

Before hiring staff or buying equipment, get an assessment from a trusted private security company. A private security risk assessment can alert you to significant security vulnerabilities and threats. From here, the security company can suggest the best tools, staffing, and processes address the unique security needs of your luxury hotel.

Invest in Security Technology

Obsolete technologies are an invitation for criminals. Professional security companies can inform you about the latest security technologies that can address your vulnerabilities. Security cameras and motion-detecting software can alert you to suspicious behavior and prevent crimes even before they happen. Access control systems can help monitor entry and exit points and control restricted areas. Consequently, video footage can assist law enforcement in finding the perpetrator after the crime.

Empower and Train Your Staff

Security should be addressed in all regular staff meetings and new hire training. Train your employees on the signs of a security threat to help protect your guests. Also, employees who are treated well-offered career paths to move up, and receive continuing education have a greater sense of empowerment. And with empowered employees, they will more likely feel a sense of commitment and ownership to you and your luxury hotel business.

Monitor Parking Areas

Parking lots are hotbeds of crime in businesses like hotels and shopping centers. Vandalism and theft are common, especially during off-hours. In areas that are uncontrolled, non-guests can park their vehicles and even stay there for the night. Hotel owners can avoid these security threats by controlling access to parking areas and garages, and by installing security cameras.

Hire Professional Security Guards

In most cases, hotel owners hire private security guard companies to assist in keeping their guests, staff, and property safe. Trained security guards have a comprehensive understanding of the luxury hotel’s security threats, know how to spot a crime before it even happens, and handle suspicious persons with authority.

Hotel security guards can mobile the perimeter of the hotel property, including parking areas; monitor security cameras; check guest credentials upon entering the property; handle noise violators and unruly guests; escort guests in getting to their hotel rooms or vehicles; assist employees in dealing with irate guests; escorting employees to their vehicles during nighttime; among many others.

Luxury hotel owners should take the time to evaluate their security plans currently in place. Staff training manuals should be regularly reviewed to ensure that they are updated on the information on security protocols. Also, consider hire security guards Melbourne for your luxury hotel business. These professionals are fully equipped with all the knowledge and skills how to handle your staff, guests, and business.

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