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Role of Concierge Security in Maintaining a Peaceful Environment

Concierge security guards give you the best of both worlds: highly trained security with training in front-of-the-house customer service duties done by a conventional concierge. The term concierge refers to various aspects of an important role. These can be found in offices, residential buildings, hotels, public buildings, and business and retail centers. Their responsibilities can vary according to the environment but attaching additional responsibilities for security is a serious enhancement.

The role of concierge security is a front-facing, high-visibility role. One of their main duties is to circulate among patrons, employees, and visitors to preserve order, protect property and offer customer service. To clients and customers, the security aspects might not always be obvious as this is usually a plainclothes role. Generally, there are some advantages to taking the role out of the uniform as a security concierge is likely seen as more approachable. Read on as we take a closer look at the additional functions of concierge security.


The concierge monitors premises to prevent safety hazards, swiftly deal with rule infractions and deter any kind of violence or theft. They are usually responsible for monitoring security alarms and CCTV feeds. To properly carry out the security functions, the concierge security guard should be a model of diplomacy and tact. Security screening of guests and visitors can include hand-wanding for weapons detection and physical pat-downs for other dangerous objects. It can also include searching personal contents and guest baggage.

Another security role of the concierge is the key holder, particularly in residential buildings, making screening for unauthorized entry easier. Authorizing and monitoring the entrance and departure of visitors, employees and other people in commercial premises maintain the safety and security of the area and aids guard against theft and other crimes.

Emergency Situations

If an emergency happens, it can be reassuring to know that there is a person who knows what to do, who to call, and how to manage it. A concierge is usually the main point of contact for emergency services and is held responsible for coordinating with emergency response. Concierge security guards have to train to respond to emergencies and coordinate with all statutory services to reserve any kind of emergency. Examples of these emergencies include evacuations, fires, medical emergencies, alarm triggers, chemical spills, public disturbances, and bomb threats and explosions.

Customer Service

A top-quality concierge has the equivalent of a black book of contacts. They will provide what the customer needs. From taxis or limousines to theater tickets or tables at a fancy restaurant, these professionals have all the information needed. Concierge also has interpersonal communication skills as well as the networks to open doors that only a few others can. With these abilities, they can improve visitor or guest experience all the while maintaining oversight of security.

A combination of security and concierge specialists offers a great way of taking oversight of the front-of-the-house needs in an office building. Screening to permit authority becomes less intimidating if concierge security personnel can also give guidance and advice for getting around and any practical assistance needed.

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