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How Security Guards Handle Stressful Situations

When you hire security guards to secure your business, you are putting your faith in their ability to protect your property, including your employees and customers. After all, you are hiring them in the first place because you have concerns about the possibility of threat and its possible danger to your assets.

Security threats can manifest in various ways and at any time. The first step to ensuring safety is to review your security needs with a professional security company. Security guards are trained to deal with all the ambiguity that comes with the job. Every company is unique, confronting its own set of security issues. However, they all have this in common: the importance of learning how to properly deal with stressful situations.

Throughout their careers, security guards will face unpredictable, dangerous, and stressful situations. Their training should involve developing abilities that allow them to recognize threat signals and suspicious actions. It helps to understand how security guards can safeguard your business if you are thinking of hiring one.

A security guard is always faced with a person visible unstable and anxious. They are educated in recognizing the warning indicators of a potentially dangerous person or behavior suggesting that a person wants to act out, harm another person or commit a crime. Some signs that a person can be a threat include loud yelling, use of profanity, verbal threats, invading personal space, and talking about violence.

When dealing with a person who is aggressive, it is important to stay calm and recognize that you are in a fight. The security guard is trained to de-escalate the situation instead of inciting further rage, hostility, and anxiety. Defusing a potentially deadly situation by responding to anger with fury or to violence with violence is rare. By listening and offering alternatives, well-trained guards can disengage the person and de-escalate the situation.

Security Guards Listen

Most of the time, a person goes on a loud rant because they do not feel heard. They want others to know what they are feeling and thinking, and want to talk about their perceived injustice. Instead of rejecting it, guards should pay attention to what they are saying. By acting listening, use of body language, and asking questions, guards can show the person that they care about their thoughts and want to help them find a solution. Listening to another person can help de-escalate their circumstance and relieve some of the stress. Active listening always displays empathy.

Security Guards Communicate

Successful partnerships require effective communication. Security guards interacting with an agitated or aggressive individual have formed a relationship with them, even when they do not have a relationship with the person. It is important to communicate with purpose. Speech should be calm, clear and use good body language so the person does not feel threatened. Active listening also requires questioning to make sure that the guards have a grasp of what the other person is saying. Remember that the goal is to handle the matter without violence or harm.

Security Guards Offer Solutions

You can start to de-escalate the issue by actively listening and effectively talking. The next step is to determine how to end the argument so the person does not feel threatened and the necessary actions can be taken. Instead of requiring the individual to do anything, it is wider to propose viable solutions that can reduce the risk for the person and others. By integrating them into the solution-finding process, they feel less frightened and more respected, making them more receptive to the proposals of the guard. A good security officer should have the various abilities to deal with various security crises.

When hiring security guards, look for a company that offers robust security solutions to its clients. Make sure that they show accuracy, professionalism, and responsibility, with trained and certified guards that possess the right skills to deliver even in the most adverse situations.

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