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How Concierge Security Works – A Complete Guide

Over the years, demand for concierge security has steadily grown. This is not surprising, though, as it has many benefits for businesses. For one, it gives a touch of sophistication. It also gives a friendly face for visiting clients, makes building logistics smoother, and helps employees feel safer. Read on to know more about why a concierge just might be what your business needs.

What is Concierge Security?

The main role of concierge security officers is to welcome visitors and employees, following the protocols of the business and building managers. Basically, it is contracted in front-of-house for the business. There are businesses that have a professional concierge on an ongoing basis, while others seek the service as a staff-ill service to take the place of the role of receptionist or an employee on vacation or on leave.

Key Benefits of Concierge

Better security. Lots of people enter and leave business buildings and properties every day. A front-desk concierge can maintain a logbook of visitors, and check if these visitors carry passes. They can also take note of work property staff walk out the door with. Finally, they keep an eye out for unwelcome guests that might pose a threat to a business or building. Other services include parking lot inspections, security camera monitoring, and foot patrols.

Employee safety. Every week, employees usually spend more time in the office than in their own homes. Business owners have to make sure that they feel safe while they are at work. Having a friendly concierge as they enter and leave the building can make them feel assured of their safety. Employees can also feel confident about leaving their cars in the parking lot, knowing that their property is watched by professional services.

Building administration. Supervising tradesmen or signing for packages can be an annoyance for staff. These regular interruptions can be stressful, but having a concierge can end this hassle. The concierge can follow set protocols when it comes to receiving and distributing mail. This way, you can avoid missing important packages, or having dumped or lost packages. These professionals can even spot or receive complaints on building repair issues and supervise tradesmen as they fix them.

Receive visitors. If potential clients visit a business, they want to make sure that they receive guest passes in a professional way. A concierge can ensure an efficient sign-in process and give clear instructions on where to go for their appointment. These professionals can even help in the recruitment process, reporting back to bosses on the politeness of job applications as they sign in for their interviews. This is the value of an ongoing concierge; they become part of the business.

Financial benefits. A property manager for one or more business renters can benefit financially from a concierge, with clients reporting at least a 10 percent increase in occupancy. They tell us there is about a 20 percent boost in business lease retention. With a security concierge, you can charge a premium rate for better amenities.

Looking for a Concierge Service

Although a great concierge is a logistics lifesaver, a bad one can do more harm to a business. This is why it is important to hire from a reputable provider or company. Look for one that supplies security with a customer service mindset. It also helps to look into their experience in the area, and see their focus on safety, investigations, and security. It is best to go with one that tailors its services to your specific front desk needs.

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