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Hire Security Guards if these Issues are a Threat to Your Business

Businesses, no matter how big or small, are not exempt from crimes taking place on their premises. Hire security guards that are reputable and licensed can help ensure public safety and offset the potential loss. But how will business owners know when it is high time to hire security guard services? What are the signs that they should watch out for? Here are 10 indicators you should watch out for.

  • Facility location in an area of high crime. Businesses located in high-crime areas could use security guard services. High crime does not necessarily mean a bad neighborhood. It can also include a warehouse located in a rural area that is a sparse population where there is a potential for a higher number of break-ins.
  • Parking lot safety concerns. Customers or employees feel unsafe when walking to their cars at night, especially if the area is not well-lit. Unattended parking lots can be a breeding ground for muggings, theft, and vandalism. Hire mobile patrol guards to ensure the safety of people and property.
  • Retail theft and shrinkage. Previous data has shown that retailers lost billions from theft, with a big percentage of it coming from employees. Considering this, any retail setting can benefit from the presence of a security professional. A professionally trained and licensed Retail Security Guard will reduce shrinkage and limit liability, saving the business money in the long run.
  • Record keeping concerns. A task usually assigned to guards to keep a record of daily activities regarding property, safety, and personnel. Because they work for the security company and not the venture, they can objective in an event when an employee faces termination because of illegal activity. They can even testify in court should the case get severe.
  • Liability issues. If a venture has experienced losses on the worker’s comp or general liability issues, the insurance company can ask for a correction action plan which mostly includes hiring security services. Also, having this plan in place can lead to lower costs for insurance premiums.
  • Safety issues. You might think you only have a couple of safety issues, but you actually have dozens in reality. Hiring someone dedicated to safety can pick apart what is safe and unsafe, along with those things that need to be improved upon. Trained security guards know what to look for.
  • Building traffic concerns. In businesses that have lots of people entering the exiting the building, a guard can monitor traffic, give out name tags or IDs, and check people in and out. Their physical presence puts the public at least, creating a safer environment where crimes are less likely to take place. It also says that the business cares about public safety and is taking steps to protect its customers and visitors.
  • Alcohol is served on the premises. Any place where alcohol is served is a good place to have security guard services. Fights can happen and result in injury to persons or property. The presence of a guard can already act as a deterrent. They can also move quickly to prevent these things from happening before they escalate.
  • Assistance in emergency situations. Security guards are able to manage a range of emergencies, like medical emergencies, criminal incidents, and physical altercations. They have the presence of mind to sensibly and responsibly act regardless of the circumstance.
  • The safety program is stretched thin. Construction or industrial companies usually have a safety officer. In small businesses, that can be the job foreman who prioritizes performing his duties over addressing safety concerns. In such cases, a guard can serve the role of the safety officer, chair the safety committee and sit in on safety meetings.

Although specific ventures like retail outlets, banks, and convenience stores will more likely be targets for theft, any business can be a victim of illegal activity. Festivals, sporting events, or any occasion where a large number of people are gathered can be a venue for lawlessness and disorder, especially when alcohol is involved.

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