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Benefit of Mobile Patrol Over Foot Patrol

Understanding the utility of foot and mobile patrols is important for security service providers. Although this might seem like an irrelevant topic to the layman, the question of whether mobile patrol is better than foot patrol actually has policy implications that can cost millions of dollars and human lives. Read on as we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each, and determine the better choice for your needs.

Just like many other elements of strategizing, the effectiveness of foot mobile patrol versus car patrol is dependent on various local elements. When a security service provider establishes an optimal routine, they consider their client’s needs and their own capabilities. Thus, both mobile and foot patrol have specific strengths that the others lack. For instance, although foot patrol is more suited to establishing a presence and improving relations, it does not cover large areas.

Planning Foot Patrols

Foot patrol can be a source of security because it has a certain amount of permanence. For instance, officers on foot patrol will be familiar with the areas. This way, portions of the patrolled premises feel as though they are in a safe environment, creating the foundation of a good relationship between the officer and the people.

For foot patrol to become effective, its objective and feasibility should be considered. For instance, the security company should determine the size of the patrol area assigned to an officer. Also, they have to determine how to allocate their resources for foot patrol while protecting themselves.

Basically, the ultimate goal of foot patrol is to find a way to strengthen ties with law enforcement and each other while attempting to prevent future crimes. Whatever the desired end of the patrol, its effect is basically the same. These incidences of these crimes are relegated to other areas that have lesser security officer presence. Foot patrol can supplement mobile patrol because one cannot necessarily replace the other.

Mobile Patrol Effectiveness

The effectiveness of mobile patrol is solely gauged as the area a security guard can cover at a given time. However, mobile patrols do not have the same sense of security. In other words, suturing areas with foot patrol and mobile patrol security officers is not necessarily crime prevention. There are also times when mobile patrol is the most effective choice. Mobile patrols allow officers to survey without violating privacy laws.

In emergencies, mobile patrol officers can quickly respond and cover wide distances in a short amount of time. although dispatch will usually direct patrol officers to emergency areas, there are some cases where the security guard is already in the area, and they can quickly respond in a car.

Ultimately, security officers can cover more distance in a vehicle than on foot. Also, mobile patrols offer the convenience of technology because they can be equipped with computers, allowing officers to easily look up crucial information on potential suspects. Consequently, unlike foot patrol officers, mobile patrols do not offer the chance for community policing since the officers do their job at a distance.

Mobile patrol, on the other hand, is capable of covering a wider area, but it is likely to incur higher costs because of fuel consumption. Because both varieties of patrols have unique purposes, it is inaccurate to say that one is completely superior to the other when it comes to effectiveness. Rather, each method has its advantages. Foot patrol allows officers to develop professional relationships to prevent crime, while mobile patrol will enable them to cover large areas to quickly respond and apprehend as needed.

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